An alien thug tries to rob a porn store one night, but things go terribly wrong. He can't get the register open, accidentally activates a highly-advanced sex toy, and, worst of all, totally falls for a sleepy sales clerk who's up for LITERALLY anything.


Robber/Robert is a silly, weird, sci-fi porn comic with HEAVY emphasis on absurdity and humor. And tentacles. It's aliens, after all, why SHOULDN'T there be tentacles. R/R will be about 80-90 pages long. If you are under 18 years old, please DO NOT READ THIS COMIC.


I try to update as often as I can, with a goal of Wednesday nights at 7pm (eastern time, usa). I'm teaching myself how to color comic pages as I work on this series, so it takes me a VERY LONG TIME to make each page! You can read a few pages ahead on SLIPSHINE [ slipshine.net ] . Slipshine is publishing this comic, and will be handling any future print versions! THANKS, SLIPSHINE! 


This comic is written and drawn by JASPER, which is obviously a pen name. You think you've seen my work before?? The characters and humor seem somewhat...familiar?? Maybe you'd like to check out my NON-porn comics??