Posted August 13, 2021 at 5:34 pm

Here's a little preview of a brand new, book-exclusive, 14-page comic that will be included in the Chapter 1 book! If you can't grab a copy, that's okay! It's not crucial to the plot, but it IS very silly and stupid and very horny, which I hope is the kind of stuff you've come to expect from the Robber/Robert Cinematic Universe. The important thing to know is that these fools couldn't spend 2 whole days apart. They're hopeless!! 

If you ARE in the market for a sexy hunk of comic pages, check out the RR Chapter 1 Kickstarter! There's only ONE WEEK LEFT!! And we're almost to 40k!!! 

>>>> Check it out here! <<<<

[[[ also I see the text at the bottom makes it seem like the BOOK is 14 pages long, which isn't the case. This bonus comic is 14 pages long. I have to dip out so I can't fire up Photoshop to change it right now, but I just wanted to clarify!!!]]]