Posted August 9, 2021 at 5:33 pm

Bonus comic #2, which is, appropriately, 2 pages long! Like the last one, this one takes place after the alien boner bonanza is over and before they're chillin' with sodas in the store. 

Just as a plot reminder, in case you're reading this a million years after chapter 1 finished up: Rob is basically a boneless pile of goo for a little while after he orgasms (or...spontaneous cellular reconfiguration. He's a weird alien, okay. It makes sense.) 

Yeah this is an erotic comic and we're trying to keep things sexy around here but EMOTIONS ARE ALSO SEXY, RIGHT? I think they're sexy. 

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And, for archival purposes, here are the last two Kickstarter hype doodles that I posted to Twitter: 

Thanks for reading! There are 3 more bonus comics to go, and I'll be posting them on Mondays and Thursdays.