Posted July 21, 2021 at 7:09 pm


Whether you've been reading from the very beginning, or just picked the comic up recently, thank you, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for reading and hopefully enjoying these alien shenanigans!!! This isn't the end of the story for Rob and Andy, hopefully there will be many more chapters in the future!!! I need to take a break to attend to some other comics (cough, sakana, cough) and then I will be back with more of these horny dummies.

This comic was really a labor of love, and I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for a porn comic that was more plot and goofs and hijinks than any porn comic really has a right to be! I really got to make the comic I wanted to make here, and for that I am very grateful. It took me like two years longer to make this story than I anticipated, but it feels great having worked hard, followed through, and finished something that's so near and dear to my heart! I LOVE THESE ALIENS. WAH!! 

HUGE, ENORMOUS THANKS TO SLIPSHINE!!! They took a chance on my halfbaked pitch all those years ago, and I am so thankful for their publishing prowess, support, enthusiasm, and understanding as I battled my way through this beast. Thank you Xel, Isa, and Brad!! 

On WWW.SLIPSHINE.NET you can read Robber/Robert in its entirety, along with LITERALLY THOUSANDS of other fantastic porn pages across HUNDREDS of series by some of the most talented individuals in the game!! Please consider subscribing so they can continue to publish great erotic content (like this comic!! I couldn't have done this without them!!!! THANKS GUYS!!!) 

SLIPSHINE WILL ALSO BE HANDLING THE PRINT VERSION OF THIS GOOFY COMIC!! Yes, you heard me right! There will be a hard copy that you can hold in your little alien porn loving hands. I have a bit more work to do before the Kickstarter can launch, but I will keep you all updated and hopefully it will happen VERY SOON!! 

Finally, I want to say thank you again for reading this, the first porn comic and the first fully-colored comic I've ever made! When I launched the comic, I was initially worried about what kind of response I'd get from readers, so I decided not to have a comments section on the site. But you've all been so kind and encouraging and respectful, I realize I shouldn't have been so stressed about it!! THANKS FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME!!!

If you could indulge me just one last time and let me know what you thought of the comic on Twitter, I'd really appreciate it! You're all great! I'm excited to jump back into this world as soon as I can!! 

<3 Jasper